From location scouting to navigating permits and paperwork to expanding operations, the City of Siloam Springs is available to provide assistance to business and industry in any way possible. The Siloam Springs Economic Development Team is ready and eager to assist you with locating and expanding your business here in Northwest Arkansas. To start the process, email Siloam Springs Economic Development or call 479-238-0930.

  • As City Administrator, Phillip acts as the chief executive officer for the City of Siloam Springs. He is responsible for all personnel decisions, supervises the day-to-day operations of the City, including the preparation and presentation of the annual budget. Other duties include overseeing the economic development activities, serving as the city liaison to state and federal agencies, and representing the city in meetings with industries, the business community, and the public in general. Phillip has held this position since the beginning of 2015.

    Prior to being hired as the city administrator, Phillip spent 13 years as the Assistant City Administrator / Community Development Director for Lafayette, Colorado. In addition to economic development, he was responsible for supervising the planning, building, code enforcement, urban renewal, cultural resources and community development divisions of that city. Prior to working for Lafayette, Phillip spent 12 years managing a similar department in Maumelle, Arkansas.

    Phillip has a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado at Denver. Over the last 26 years Phillip has worked with the public, the development community, planning commissions and city councils to resolve a multitude of issues related to economic development, downtown redevelopment, zoning, land use, building and landscape code development.

  • Don Clark grew up in Southwest Arkansas. After attending college and later meeting his wife, a native of Siloam Springs, he knew Siloam was where he wanted to raise his family. Mr. Clark went to work for the non-profit Youth Bridge where he quickly became a manager. Later Mr. Clark worked for the Fortune 500 logistics company J.B. Hunt in Lowell, Arkansas and rose through the ranks due to his dedication and hard work.

    He started with the City as the Animal Services Manager in 2008 and moved up to the Community Services Director in 2012. Currently Mr. Clark oversees nine divisions and manages a large number of employees. Additionally, Mr. Clark works directly with downtown businesses and the development around the downtown area. He also assists in the recruitment of new businesses and is an integral part of the development process. Mr. Clark approaches development with a team attitude and likes to gather all interested parties together to make meetings as efficient as possible. It’s not unusual to see a potential business owner, the building official, planner, engineer, permit technician and representatives from the water and electric department gathered to work out foreseeable problems in the beginning stages of a project.

    Mr. Clark’s passion and enthusiasm pours out beyond his job onto the field where his love for football shines through years spent as a dedicated volunteer to local youth organizations coaching football and other sports. He enjoys being involved in church, and spending time with his family. Mr. Clark values all that football has taught him on and off the field and applies that team leadership daily doing his part to help grow the City of Siloam Springs to a flourishing community.