The City of Siloam Springs, located in Northwest Arkansas, is recognized as one of the top areas in the nation for its favorable business climate and low cost of living and doing business.

The City of Siloam Springs prefers to tailor our economic development incentives to individual circumstances and projects. The proposed location for the project, the proposed building architecture, financial gap, etc., may determine such things as building permit fee waivers, tax rebates and modified utility rates, and other economic development incentives. All projects seeking economic development incentives are reviewed by Siloam Springs’ Economic Development Team. To explore possible incentives for your business, please contact the Siloam Springs Economic Development Team.

Prospective companies may also qualify for a number of Arkansas state business incentives

One advantage the City of Siloam Springs has over many other communities is that it is one of the few small cities that own and operate a municipal electric utility and is able to provide the most affordable, responsive and reliable energy solutions. The city now operates 187.2 miles of distribution power lines, 33 percent of which are underground. The city also has 10 miles of 69kv transmission lines. The Siloam Springs Electric Department also performs electrical inspections, and meter testing. For information, please contact the Siloam Springs Economic Development Team.

The City of Siloam Springs also provides fire protection service over approximately 200 square miles in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. The Siloam Springs Fire Department has an ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating of 3.